Pop Guitar

Day 19

19_365Guitars Pop Guitar

So it turns out that bubble wrap is harder to work with than anticipated – not that it stopped me, nor will it keep me from venturing into the variety of forms bubble wrap actually takes.  With the notion of somehow popping my way into a guitar, I started playing with form, much to the consternation of the cats who found it nearly traumatizing to have to listen to all of that during their daily ablutions.  Their alternate activity, napping, was likewise compromised – and the result wasn’t worth the effort.  So out came scissors and double faced tape – and it turns out I could turn out a credible enough guitar form after all.  The question I have now that it is leaning in the corner close by the actual guitars – now what?  I’m thinking of mailing something fragile in it – yes, that will be fun. 🙂

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Day 18


I am finding that any collection in a storm is going to work with helping me put this project together.  Blackbird has been a personal totem since I was a kid, so I find that I have a variety of them around the house.   There are other totemic creatures here also, but I have not figured out (yet) how to work Sheep, Rabbit, or Bear into a guitar.  Early days yet.

18_365 Guitars 4 and 20 Blackbirds

Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a…guitar

Overlay the Super Bowl and the fact that I live in Maryland where it is impossible to avoid Raven this week … all of this to say that I had been thinking the nursery rhyme, but someone wants to apply it to game week fever, I don’t guess I can stop them…

Corona – Mostly

Day 17

17_365 Guitars Too Much Corona


As artists we horde things.  Well, I guess that was a pretty gross generalization, but I’ve witnessed a whole lot of it…really.  Many of us think that there is a world of potential in bottle caps – I mean, I’ve seen some really awesome things made entirely from bottle caps – some bizarre things, some useful. I picked up a hair clip years ago in the Caribbean made from them that I will still use when I let my hair grow long enough to need restraint.  All of this to say that a bag of bottle caps is not an unusual material at hand, and today I present evidence.  I should have allowed some sense of scale here – although other artists with their stashes of bottle caps will be easily able to determine the size of this array.  I actually had enough caps to do most of a fill – but the voids would have bothered me – though not enough to pop open a few  beers to fill it out.  I’m dedicated to a point, but can’t make myself drink much beer when it is 19 degrees out there…I drink Scotch whiskey in winter…

A Star is Born

Day 16

Still rooting around in my friend’s studio, I came across his stash of wooden objects – I have my own, but for the nonce, his is more interesting…although I’m going to guess that he would be just as happy to look around and see what I have socked away…which is, I suppose, that whole “other side of the fence” thing.  I know, though, that I do not have anything as exciting as stars to work with – or much in the line of interesting shapes, generally.  I have this fantasy that I can make any of those shapes for myself.  Or borrow them.

16_365 Guitars Star

Scraps and Ends

Day 15

15_365 Guitars Scrap

I had to learn that rolls of canvas are not necessarily cut straight – ok, maybe I should have been born knowing this, but I wasn’t.  So every once in awhile I have to trim ends in order to satisfy that curious need for order that will sometimes possess me – yes, it is true.  For those of you who wonder when that is – well, this is one of those times.

This guitar, woven from painted scraps of that canvas is evidence of another of my strange impulses – the reluctance to pay that much for canvas and then throw part of it away.  Thank goodness for an excuse to justify some of it.  I have been contemplating collage, and a guitar is probably coming that will use more, but in the meantime, it is nice to see something happen with my scraps and ends…


Day 14

14_365 Guitars Bottle Guitar

Wax on Glass Guitar

As much as I like to think I try every art supply on the planet, it is always fun to go to another studio and get permission to play with their collection…we are all alike that way, it would seem, but have different resources.  Many thanks to Ronn Akins (www.northpointimages.com) for not only letting me romp through his collection, but for helping me come up with enough ideas to keep me rolling for awhile 🙂  Ideas and encouragement.  Very, very nice.

14b_365 Guitars Wax

Wax on Matte Board

Ronn has a great collection of wax sheets, candles, and assorted – and since he is experimenting with making things from bottles, he has a number of those as well.  While I was happy enough with the results of playing with the wax on a flat surface, it seemed somehow more challenging to get one that stood – and it turned out that the bottle was close at hand.  Love those skinny little birthday candles –

13. Holy Fur Ball!

Day 13

I’m fairly certain that there are going to be lots and lots of days when I can or will start my writing with “I had no idea what I would do today” which is a little hard to take on day 13 of my project.  However, inspiration comes in all kinds of unimaginable ways – and it is fun when it comes in a kind of synergy.  My Maine Coon, Stack, is a screaming opportunist, which sort of leaves it to me to return the favor.  An open guitar case, for him, is an invitation to nap, or to play, but most certainly to spread cat hair to the world of music.  It does not matter that I comb him every day.  He has a lot to share.    So today’s entry comes directly off his back, his belly, and from the world at large, judging from the organic particulates with which he had adorned himself.  Now I think I will go spray it with some varnish…

13_365 Guitars Raw Materials

Raw Materials

13_365 Guitars Fur Ball

Fuzz Guitar


Day 12

12 c_365 Guitars12b_365 Guitars

Woo-hoo!  Today’s guitar, today!  Finally caught myself up to be able to blog in “real time” on a daily basis with this little gem – a punched tin rendition that put one of those million cookie tins from Christmas back to work, and left me with a whole new appreciation for punched tin pie cupboards – which, I have to say, I have always admired, which is why I embarked upon this in the first place.  While I’m certain a number of those cupboards were done with templates, the complexity of some of the designs now leaves me a little breathless.  Especially since I’m equally certain that there were any number of them that were done freehand – just a square nail, a sheet of tin and a hammer.  I did this one freehand (yes, surprise!)  with a meat mallet and a screwdriver (yes, it is still cold.)

I also find myself pondering the mysteries of the  profile portrait of Buffalo Bill that hangs in the bar of the Irma Hotel in Cody, Wyoming.  Annie Oakley did that punched tin rendition with a six-shooter.  If there was ever a question in my mind about why she was such an attraction with the Wild West Show, I’m over it – she had to have been nothing short of  awesome to watch.  It makes me want to get on a plane and head to Cody right now, just to have a drink and that bar and toast her prowess.

12_365 Guitars 24 Jan 13

It’s All About the Bread, Man…

Day 11

11_365 Guitars Bread Guitar 23 Jan 13

Courtesy of the good people at Evergrain Bread Company in Chestertown Maryland (www.evergrainbreadco.com) I was able to put together this mighty fine guitar, and then eat the fingerboard on the way home…Bread, cookie, scones and a croissant – could you ask for better?  OK, I know some of you would prefer gluten free, but not this time…but seriously, this was delicious 🙂



You Say Potato, oh, and So Do I

10_365 Guitars 22 Jan 13Day 10

In my defense, I don’t think that I’ve ever carved a potato to use as a stamp before – and I’ve never been especially successful with carving pumpkins either.  So the fact that this looks like it was carved with an axe shouldn’t surprise me – although if it hadn’t been so cold, I probably could have gone out to the studio and gotten real tools…it is plain that a paring knife is not the best option.  It does work, however, although I should also get out to the studio and fetch up some real ink – there are limitations to what I can do with the highlighter pens I can lay hands on in the house…