Day One:

1a_365 Guitars Day 1 Air Guitar 13 Jan 13

Air Guitar

So many ideas swirling around that I am filling my journal with them.  I can do a themed series of guitars, I can make them out of everything from driftwood to car parts…I mean, this is serious.  Looking forward to 365 of them…it is good to be awash in concepts – I get the feeling that I will need to draw on these lists, other people’s lists, ideas from Scalin’s book – every day for a year seems like a rather daunting task – but I’m looking forward to seeing what can be done.

So today I will start with AIR GUITAR – My PhotoShop skills are modest, but I have figured out how to cut one photo out of another, so this is what I did.  The photo of the guitar laid over an especially showy sunrise in South Dakota – it would actually make a really lovely guitar 🙂  It would be a really nice one to keep in mind for the Air Guitar World Championships in Finland… (

1_365 Guitars Day 1 Air Guitar Front 13 Jan 13

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