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365 Guitars Day 5 in Process  Day 5

I’ve been told that this really qualifies as two – and if it gets right down to it and I’m up against it some day, I may very well come back and fetch up this chalk guitar – but not just yet.  What I was working with was the fact that I’d been doing quite a lot of research on inspirational sayings – quotations from amazing minds having to to with art, talent, hope, creativity and the kind of internal resources people bring to bear when they are enthused about something.  I read and extracted several from the 50 or so pages I’d printed – I can’t do this kind of thing on the computer because I want to mull over my choices.  Not adding that many pages to my storehouse of paper in my office was the one thing I considered a resolution this year, so I shredded them, and almost instantly regretted letting that much good material go.  So I gave consideration to ways in which I might release some of that good and decided that I would burn it, allowing the smoke to carry the essential hopefulness of all of it to the universe.  So I carried the shredded paper to the fireplace, but detoured just long enough to create a guitar on the chalk outline – that looks a whole lot like a coconut cake, really, with Pink Pearl tuners.  But then, I find a good coconut cake to be very inspirational indeed…

5_365 Guitars Day 5 Paper Blessings 17 Jan 13

Inspirations Guitar

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