13. Holy Fur Ball!

Day 13

I’m fairly certain that there are going to be lots and lots of days when I can or will start my writing with “I had no idea what I would do today” which is a little hard to take on day 13 of my project.  However, inspiration comes in all kinds of unimaginable ways – and it is fun when it comes in a kind of synergy.  My Maine Coon, Stack, is a screaming opportunist, which sort of leaves it to me to return the favor.  An open guitar case, for him, is an invitation to nap, or to play, but most certainly to spread cat hair to the world of music.  It does not matter that I comb him every day.  He has a lot to share.    So today’s entry comes directly off his back, his belly, and from the world at large, judging from the organic particulates with which he had adorned himself.  Now I think I will go spray it with some varnish…

13_365 Guitars Raw Materials

Raw Materials

13_365 Guitars Fur Ball

Fuzz Guitar


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