Day 14

14_365 Guitars Bottle Guitar

Wax on Glass Guitar

As much as I like to think I try every art supply on the planet, it is always fun to go to another studio and get permission to play with their collection…we are all alike that way, it would seem, but have different resources.  Many thanks to Ronn Akins (www.northpointimages.com) for not only letting me romp through his collection, but for helping me come up with enough ideas to keep me rolling for awhile 🙂  Ideas and encouragement.  Very, very nice.

14b_365 Guitars Wax

Wax on Matte Board

Ronn has a great collection of wax sheets, candles, and assorted – and since he is experimenting with making things from bottles, he has a number of those as well.  While I was happy enough with the results of playing with the wax on a flat surface, it seemed somehow more challenging to get one that stood – and it turned out that the bottle was close at hand.  Love those skinny little birthday candles –

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