Corona – Mostly

Day 17

17_365 Guitars Too Much Corona


As artists we horde things.  Well, I guess that was a pretty gross generalization, but I’ve witnessed a whole lot of it…really.  Many of us think that there is a world of potential in bottle caps – I mean, I’ve seen some really awesome things made entirely from bottle caps – some bizarre things, some useful. I picked up a hair clip years ago in the Caribbean made from them that I will still use when I let my hair grow long enough to need restraint.  All of this to say that a bag of bottle caps is not an unusual material at hand, and today I present evidence.  I should have allowed some sense of scale here – although other artists with their stashes of bottle caps will be easily able to determine the size of this array.  I actually had enough caps to do most of a fill – but the voids would have bothered me – though not enough to pop open a few  beers to fill it out.  I’m dedicated to a point, but can’t make myself drink much beer when it is 19 degrees out there…I drink Scotch whiskey in winter…

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