Pop Guitar

Day 19

19_365Guitars Pop Guitar

So it turns out that bubble wrap is harder to work with than anticipated – not that it stopped me, nor will it keep me from venturing into the variety of forms bubble wrap actually takes.  With the notion of somehow popping my way into a guitar, I started playing with form, much to the consternation of the cats who found it nearly traumatizing to have to listen to all of that during their daily ablutions.  Their alternate activity, napping, was likewise compromised – and the result wasn’t worth the effort.  So out came scissors and double faced tape – and it turns out I could turn out a credible enough guitar form after all.  The question I have now that it is leaning in the corner close by the actual guitars – now what?  I’m thinking of mailing something fragile in it – yes, that will be fun. 🙂

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