Merry Christmas! Again!

Day 47

47_365 Guitars

Don’t judge me – I get around to my various tasks eventually.  In this case, I am just finishing up capturing address changes from Christmas cards I received over the holiday season – an annual chore that seems to get pushed further and further into the spring every year.  Until I get the opportunity, I keep all of the cards in a basket – and there just had to be a guitar in there somewhere.  Now, if I was doing this at a more sensible hour of the day, lighting might have been better.  I will have to rethink early posting.  Oh who am I kidding?  It is pretty much early or not at all…

Red Hot and Blue

Day 46

46_365 Guitars


When I need to warm up before starting a larger painting, I often start by painting guitars.  The shape pleases me, and the possibilities seem endless – as I guess I am trying to prove for 365 days.  Every once in awhile, the guitar becomes the larger painting.  It is reasonable to expect that some of those guitars will make their way into this collection.  This painting is from a series inspired by Picasso, inspired by Wallace Stevens.  Perhaps my “after” is a loose interpretation; not as loose as David Hockney’s illustrations for the  Stevens poem “The Man with the Blue Guitar” nor as strict as Picasso’s.  It just felt good to paint.

A Change of Pace

Day 45
45_365 Guitars

This may seem like something of a cop-out, but I was fascinated by the sheer number of publications devoted to guitars and guitar playing in the Barnes and Noble at the Christiana Mall outside of Wilmington, Delaware.  It seemed that there were many more – I only had a minute to grab this photo.  Clearly the popularity of the instrument goes beyond casual. has this as an answer to the question of how many people play in the United States:  “There are many tens of thousands of guitar players in the US, and they include players of all skill levels who play all kinds of music.”

I clicked on that particular search result, not because I especially trust the information, but because in the search results it said: ” My guess is there are about 100 million guitar players in the world. some of them make noise, some.”  I found that answer much more intriguing, though every bit as much as a stab in the dark.  It is the noise part that I liked best.  At least I’m willing to believe it in view that I mostly fall into that category myself 🙂

Either answer does to some extent help to explain the volume of publications devoted to that one instrument.  It is amazing.  I count 10 in the photo.  I found 13 listed on Bing.  I haven’t even looked at other languages.  Wow.  Somehow, I think there were more…

Pop Guitar

Day 43

In the spirit of exposing my vices…yes, popcorn is a big one.  I don’t even know what else to say, except that I am surprised it has taken this long to get to a guitar.  Really surprised.

43_365 Guitars

There’s a Guitar in there Somewhere – but is there a mate?

Day 42

42_365 Guitars


I am finding that in the course of coming up with a new guitar every day I am both organizing a whole lot of my life, and revealing most of my small vices.  Take this thing today – socks are pretty much matched up on an “as needed” basis, today being one of those days.  However, there were just too many to pass up as a guitar – and far too many to actually mate up beyond the pair that I needed for my actual feet – heaven help me if I ever need socks in a hurry 🙂

Gift Sweets

Day 41

It is difficult to believe that I am already 41 days into 365…the downside of all of this is that I will not be able to say; “Where has this year gone?”  In marking every single day like this, I know where it is going…and have a reminder in case I forget.  Come to think of it, this is a good  thing.

40_365 Guitars

Another sweet one

I am the very lucky recipient of many things, among them chocolates from many parts of the world as I meet international students at the local college who wish to share.  Today’s guitar is a result of this largesse – I was given chocolates at Christmas time that I am careful to mete out for as long as I can make them last…this guitar is all that I have left of chocolates from Finland and Venezuela.  What a happy global chocolate connoisseur I am becoming!  Actually, as of this moment, I don’t think I could re-create this guitar…

Enter the Obvious

Day 40

40_365 Guitars

Primary colors

I do this project because I’m an artist.  I do it to keep myself thinking creatively, even if it is only on the level of a quick sketch.  I find that it is working – I am back in the studio working, turning out work that is fresh.  It makes me happy.  So why haven’t I used these simple art materials before?  Truth is that I was sort of stuck before I started 365 Guitars, and now I’m not.  I can go to the studio and not only see that it needed organized, but actually get it done.  I’ve stopped staring at that blank canvas on the table and have finished four paintings, one of which is already sold.  This is working!  I could not be more thrilled.

Lighter than Air

Day 39

39_365 Guitars

Wire lace – lighter than air

One of my inspirations for this project was the woman who designed 365 Dresses – mostly about 2″ in height, made from an astonishing variety of materials – I know how it is to start seeing the project in everything.  She made a very careful point of avoiding input from others, preferring to draw from her own well for her daily inspiration.  Me?  Hmm.  Not so much.  One of the things I am truly enjoying about this thing is the input I am getting from my friends – to listen to their ideas is the least I owe them now that they too are seeing guitars everywhere.

So when I saw Cathy with her a piece of crocheted wire that was not big enough for her project,  she handed me this  discard so that I could modeled a guitar while she worked on the piece that would replace it.  I should get that back from her one of these days and put a pin back on it – but perhaps it is too delicate.  Maybe mount it on a piece of copper or something to make it a real piece of jewelry.  Yes.  I can do that.

It was Around Here Somewhere

Day 38


Odd bits

These are the watch parts I looked for a week ago and could not find to save my life – found while I was looking for something entirely different – which likewise was creating a crisis.  The emphasis was off the interesting stash of watch bits, so yes, here they are.  My life is saved.  The way I store things remains a mystery of small moving parts.  Actually, the fact that I have these pieces at all are pure testament to my fascination for just that – I once had a lovely pocket watch collection and a number of old clocks….and to this day have a deep seated admiration for the people who can sit for hours to make one of these tiny marvels run.  All of that whirling and spinning and ticking – digital timekeeping may be more accurate, but who really needs that much accuracy if it is a sacrifice of such art and skill?