Guitar in Winter

Day 21


Not Canada, not Carnaval

I love Carnaval de Quebec.   ( It is one of my favorite winter activities and I’ve gone five or six times.  The food, the atmosphere, the intense cold, the city – I love all of it.  One of the features of Carnaval is the snow and ice carving competition, and teams from around the globe come and compete to sculpt the most elaborate, most astounding and most beautiful, and the most enormous and fantastical things from snow.  When the snow began falling I could see myself out in the yard, not making anything on a scale like that, but certainly with a Frosty sized guitar in the works, carefully shaving details with a variety of saws and knives and scrapers – oh, and at least one ladder.  Maybe only one of those three step ones, but…such plans I had.

21b_365 Guitars

It stopped snowing.  The sun cam out.  I tried to rescue enough to make some kind of mini (I would have called it a prototype) but this was only a skiff of very dry snow – flakes not only didn’t cling together when balled up, they took an adverse pleasure (I’m certain) in rocketing away from each other….all I wound up with in the end was a very quick photo before a final collapse, and a snow sketch.  In 365 days, I have other shots at snow – I think 🙂

Or, I could go back to Quebec and just have a couple of shots in the ice hotel bar….

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