Puff Guitar

Day 27

28_365 GuitarsI think I knew going into it that marshmallows would be difficult to work with – ok, maybe I didn’t know they would be THAT difficult to work with, but I had a rough idea that they would be sticky, at least.  What I did not anticipate was the sugar contact high…the room was awash in sugar released into the air by opening multiple bags of marshmallows.  Gave me a bit of a headache, really.  This is saying something.  In one of the million or so diet books I’ve read in my lifetime, my “type” has always been “sweet eater.”  So you would have thought being in a room full of suspended sugar would have been a good thing.  I know better now.  There goes my career at C&H, or Domino…and what was that other one in the west?  U&I , that’s it.

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