Blackened Sugar

Day 28

Ok, so who seriously thought that I would not light all of those marshmallows on fire?  Purely in the interest of science, of course.  Here is what I learned from that experiment:29_365 Guitars

1.  Torching marshmallows is way more difficult than you would think

2.  Burning marshmallows are not a good heat source (so much for burning calories…)

3.  Those carbon snake thingys I used to light on the 4th of July are probably marshmallows\

4.  I am even less likely to ever want a marshmallow again – in any form.

5.  By burning and tossing marshmallows I struck a blow for diets everywhere – I should get to lose 5 pounds for this…still waiting

One comment

  1. Yesterday I was going to ask if you would toast them. It may have been difficult, but the result was worth it. I like this version best, but maybe that’s because this is how I like my marshmallows . . . burnt to a crisp. Oh, and melted in hot chocolate.

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