Too Much Tech

Day 29

29a_365 Guitars

Too technical

I have seen such beautiful things made from twisted wire – years ago I went with a friend and we bought wire and jigs and all of the tools (I’m very big on jumping in with both feet) with every intention of creating similar small wire wonders.  So, all these years later, I pull my pristine jig set out to make one simple guitar.  I spent the time setting things up.  Granted, I did not spend the time to read instructions, nor did I spend any time searching the internet for guidance, but I was working in a place where neither were available to me – after all, how hard could it be?  Well, obviously harder than I thought.  After several attempts, through which I blamed a host of variables – the wire, leaving the instructions at home, the cold, the heat, the time of day and my eyesight to name a few, I gave it up until such time as I get someone to show me (either in person or on the net) how this thing works.  In the meantime…

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