Tiny Things

Day 31

30_365 Guitars

Tiny pieces

I was travelling with friends through the center of the country a few years ago when we stopped in Iowa or somewhere at a flea market.  We were on our way to a silver clay jewelry conference at Perdue University, so our minds were obviously on the great number of things one can make with small things.  I was looking, if I remember correctly, for vintage buttons, which I especially like, but came across a box that was the contents of a watchmaker’s bench.  I have since used several pieces, and have consolidated the remainder into a couple of small containers, one of which I pulled out to root through for a guitar.  When I get to the other box, there will be another one or so, but this happened to be the box with the smalles bits – stems, screws, springs, things of this sort.  More of a challenge than I will find in the box of plates and such I expect, but do-able all the same…

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