Very Flashy

Day 32 – From 13 to 13

This morning I heard the peacocks call at 5 a.m. – one of the earliest harbingers of spring.  All winter, while they are recovering from their moult (which, by the way I am told is a British spelling varient, though it was the way I learned to spell the word – I’m going to go with blaming a proximity to Canada…) the birds are pretty much silent unless genuinely alarmed.  I noticed yesterday in the sunlight that they are glorious again.  Apparently, they share my assessment and we all get to enjoy a few months of “Look at me!”  I have no idea who they think is listening at 5 a.m. in February, but I’m guessing that practice makes perfect.  Also, there must be points that accrue for being the earliest warning of danger…

Because of the moult, in August, mostly, I have a continuous supply of feathers.  It is a standing display in one corner of the studio from which I can draw any number of cat toys, and endless inspiration for color.  There are those who say the feathers are bad luck – I have not encountered it, but on the other hand, I am careful to be grateful that there is so much lasting beauty in the corner.  It is likely that there is bad luck in taking anything for granted 🙂

27_365 Guitars

I’d love this on my guitar…

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