Soft Guitar

Day 33

34_365 Guitars

Softly played

If my project were entitled 365 Scarves, I would have no problem coming up with a different one for each day of the year.  I actually have more scarves than I have days to wear them, the weather being what it is in Maryland, when by late May even the lightweight gauzy ones have to go – or perhaps be repurposed as evening wraps for a little while longer.  No, in May, the scarves mostly go away, the unveiling of the neck going along with such events as the opening of the pool and (if I had one) the summer house.  The big annual reveal of a neck that has been swathed for months and appears to be somewhat resentful of the light of day is a little intimidating.  A little like stripping down in public.  Still, even with that annual emotional trauma, scarves are a weakness.  So when I was shopping today and came away with nothing but – well, it was end of the season and pashminas were on sale – yes, more scarves, naturally, the notion of a scarf guitar came to mind.  All solids this time.  Patterns for the next one 🙂

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