Form and Function

Day 36

36_365 Guitars

Acoustic Bass, pretty, pretty

There shouldn’t be any need to remind myself why I chose the guitar for this extended project – it was obvious, really.   In view that I’ve been living with guitars for most of my life, I knew that I could literally design them in my sleep.  But there are times when I am just overwhelmed by the beauty of the form, the lines of a guitar – the curves and care that go into making something that has been such a companion to me.  I was in Middletown Music ( the other day and in the Acoustic room, this was hanging just above eye level – a forced perspective that took it away from being merely an instrument, and catapulted it to art, as it is meant to be.  Many thanks to Jay for allowing me to wander around and take photos of his stock – he has, I swear it, everything.

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