It was Around Here Somewhere

Day 38


Odd bits

These are the watch parts I looked for a week ago and could not find to save my life – found while I was looking for something entirely different – which likewise was creating a crisis.  The emphasis was off the interesting stash of watch bits, so yes, here they are.  My life is saved.  The way I store things remains a mystery of small moving parts.  Actually, the fact that I have these pieces at all are pure testament to my fascination for just that – I once had a lovely pocket watch collection and a number of old clocks….and to this day have a deep seated admiration for the people who can sit for hours to make one of these tiny marvels run.  All of that whirling and spinning and ticking – digital timekeeping may be more accurate, but who really needs that much accuracy if it is a sacrifice of such art and skill?

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