Lighter than Air

Day 39

39_365 Guitars

Wire lace – lighter than air

One of my inspirations for this project was the woman who designed 365 Dresses – mostly about 2″ in height, made from an astonishing variety of materials – I know how it is to start seeing the project in everything.  She made a very careful point of avoiding input from others, preferring to draw from her own well for her daily inspiration.  Me?  Hmm.  Not so much.  One of the things I am truly enjoying about this thing is the input I am getting from my friends – to listen to their ideas is the least I owe them now that they too are seeing guitars everywhere.

So when I saw Cathy with her a piece of crocheted wire that was not big enough for her project,  she handed me this  discard so that I could modeled a guitar while she worked on the piece that would replace it.  I should get that back from her one of these days and put a pin back on it – but perhaps it is too delicate.  Maybe mount it on a piece of copper or something to make it a real piece of jewelry.  Yes.  I can do that.

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