Gift Sweets

Day 41

It is difficult to believe that I am already 41 days into 365…the downside of all of this is that I will not be able to say; “Where has this year gone?”  In marking every single day like this, I know where it is going…and have a reminder in case I forget.  Come to think of it, this is a good  thing.

40_365 Guitars

Another sweet one

I am the very lucky recipient of many things, among them chocolates from many parts of the world as I meet international students at the local college who wish to share.  Today’s guitar is a result of this largesse – I was given chocolates at Christmas time that I am careful to mete out for as long as I can make them last…this guitar is all that I have left of chocolates from Finland and Venezuela.  What a happy global chocolate connoisseur I am becoming!  Actually, as of this moment, I don’t think I could re-create this guitar…

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