A Change of Pace

Day 45
45_365 Guitars

This may seem like something of a cop-out, but I was fascinated by the sheer number of publications devoted to guitars and guitar playing in the Barnes and Noble at the Christiana Mall outside of Wilmington, Delaware.  It seemed that there were many more – I only had a minute to grab this photo.  Clearly the popularity of the instrument goes beyond casual.

wiki.answer.com has this as an answer to the question of how many people play in the United States:  “There are many tens of thousands of guitar players in the US, and they include players of all skill levels who play all kinds of music.”

I clicked on that particular search result, not because I especially trust the information, but because in the search results it said: ” My guess is there are about 100 million guitar players in the world. some of them make noise, some.”  I found that answer much more intriguing, though every bit as much as a stab in the dark.  It is the noise part that I liked best.  At least I’m willing to believe it in view that I mostly fall into that category myself 🙂

Either answer does to some extent help to explain the volume of publications devoted to that one instrument.  It is amazing.  I count 10 in the photo.  I found 13 listed on Bing.  I haven’t even looked at other languages.  Wow.  Somehow, I think there were more…

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