Dream Guitar

Day 53

Tool catalogs for artists and creatives (oh yeah, and people who work with tools) are like what the Wish Book was at Christmas when I was a kid.  All manners of things that would enhance a studio or a shop – all with fresh paint and reeking of whatever shiny, slippery coat of lubricant keeping them from rusting during shipment.  Ah…

So catalogs that arrive between bouts of need or weakness need to be dealt with, and the quicker the better.  One way is to pitch them into recycling.  Now.  Another is to put them in a sort of visible place so that you can congratulate yourself on your strength of will.  This has merit – but only if you don’t talk about it to others.

Another way of dealing with it is to take the thing and carve it into a guitar….apparently.  Of course, this seemed easier in concept than in execution.  I wonder if there is a tool for that?

53b_365 Guitars           53a_365 Guitars

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