Bargain Bin

Day 54

There are any number of places where I go (ok, places I haunt, actually) where I can buy ribbons at a discount.  Ribbon is expensive and there must be some latent French person living inside of me…j’adore ribbons of almost any sort.  Which means that I will buy odd lots of ribbons that are really too short to actually use for much more than wrapping a postcard – or ganging together to build a guitar.

Suddenly, though, I am facing an issue?  What does one do with all of these guitars?  They are starting to stack up 🙂  Any suggestions?   54_365 Guitars


  1. How about a display at one of the schools, adding to it each day. It might inspire creativity for the kids and would be fun for them to check it out each day. Linda

  2. Maybe local museums or craft-oriented museums? If my brother can get his collection of Ball Jars displayed in a museum, surely this is, or will be, worthy of such display.

    Also, I don’t know about your area, but, where I live, some local group decides on displays that rotate through the public library, city hall, and senior activity center.

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