Breakfast with the King

Day 56

56a_365 GuitarsEvery small town needs a place like Beverly’s in Chestertown, MD.  A place where they don’t, in fact, know your name, but they know what you eat, how you like your coffee, and miss you if you are gone.  I know it is getting harder to find places like this, so I treasure them when I do.  And I treasure the obsession with Elvis Presley (and all things Elvis) that is evident in everything from Elvis on Velvet to signed fan photos…an impressive collection, really.  It pleases me to be in the middle of all of this – it is a happy place.  And you know?  I don’t want them to learn my name.  I love going to a place where everyone is “Honey”, “Darlin'”, “Baby”, “Honey Bunch”, “Sweetie”, or “Baby Doll”.  Or all of those if you need that many cups of coffee to get started in the morning…

56b_365 Guitars

I cannot get the lyrics to George Jones’ “The King is Gone (and so are you) out of my head…

“Last night I broke the seal   On a Jim Beam decanter   Shaped like Elvis…”

I didn’t actually see it there, but I’m sure Beverly has one…

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