Rainy Day Woman

Day 59

It is rarely anymore that I have half a plan for a guitar the day before – it can happen, but I’m enjoying the daily adventure of coming up with something fresh.  But yesterday, in the lovely spring quality sunlight, I threw a hat on the table to work with today.  A garden hat.

This morning, it is pouring rain.  A drought breaking soaker that has earthworms streaming across the driveway as though they have places to go – I mean, I barely deal with the whole chicken crossing the road thing, but earthworms?  Is there a convention somewhere?  Understanding the benefits of these crawlers in my garden, I had a time getting out to the studio without walking on them.  If I’d had music with me, it could have become a graceful, vaguely Asian dance.  Except that I’m not sure I can balance on one foot and do that whole thing with the hands.  Nope, pretty sure I can’t, especially carrying an umbrella.

So the hat thing reverted to winter.  I have hats for about every kind of weather, so I was able to adjust without difficulty, and can look forward to a straw garden hat guitar in the future…

59_365 Guitars

Barbour, Velvet and Defying Gravity…lovely


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