Lifted From the Headlines – and More

Day 60

I haven’t gotten out of my jammies yet, so I have no idea what kind of guitar will come out of a trip to the studio…but just by way of illustrating how my friends are supporting my obsession take a look at this:…but just a heads up…I can’t do this in 365 days.  Not a little bit.  But I’d love to 🙂

60A_365 Guitars

Motts with Wilson

60_365 Guitars

The candidates

Alright, I may not have had an idea, but one was dropped at my feet – repeatedly this morning, so I thought I’d better go with it.  I have a dog who is mostly blind – he is a never-say-die retriever, though so I try to get him toys that are large enough, shiny enough, noisy enough or smelly enough for him to find when I throw them.  Putting bells on the puppies made them all of that, now that I think of it.  He has a favorite, though – Wilson has been through thick and thin with him, seems to withstand being run over when placed behind the tires of vehicles, and has certainly survived having the outside skin painstakingly peeled away.  Two years and counting Motts has found various ways to abuse this basketball, and still it is at my feet this morning….


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