A Sticky Wicket

Day 61

By now, in some parts of cyberspace, I am already in trouble – like me, many of my friends are early risers – on both coasts.  Especially in the west, they are used to seeing a guitar first off in the morning – perhaps getting it over with is the thing they look forward to…?

But the time change has my sleeping patterns entirely skewed.  For a few more days, I have full intent to blame this strange remnant of rural America for my tardy postings.  Oh, and the iPad.  Absent that, I would probably just roll over and go back to sleep at 2:30 – but the temptation to check in to see what the rest of my universe is up to is at times overwhelming – I mean, my west coast friends are just getting home, or haven’t yet – and the ones overseas…you know, the world is still happening at 2:30 a.m.

61_365 GuitarsAnyway, a late breakfast at Beverly’s this morning because I went to the theater rather than going to the bakery for this morning’s bread.  There, in the heart of the Elvis tribute, and much to the amusement of kind Leslie, Mrs. Butterworth fell over and made me a guitar – bless her.  I don’t have enough coffee in me yet…

Looking at this photo now, it seems as fuzzy as my head – and I’m puzzled about why I would grab Splenda instead of sugar – perhaps a latent fear of the overturning of the overturning of the soda ban – a blatant attempt to woo all viewers?

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