Hands to Work…

Day 62

62_365 Guitars

The pattern is set – more or less

Because this is the thinking part of projects I’ve planned, I’ve taken some pains to get it right – which means I feel very ok about posting it as itself – a cartoon, if you like, for a knitted and/or beaded piece I will get to directly.  Ok, maybe not tomorrow, but soon-ish… I’m not the best knitter, nor the most proficient beader either,  but I actually like to knit…there are a lot of gigantic (some would say vindictively so) Christmas stockings out there that I’ve knitted as wedding presents; though I’ve never actually done one for myself.  Hmmm.  ‘Bout time I remedy that.  If I get started this week, I may have it ready by Christmas..  As for the beading, I might need a bell pull some day – you never know…or I could use it as an inset – now that’s a thought…. But back to the bell pull – can you catch a need for one if you watch enough episodes of Downton Abbey in a row on a rainy day?  If so, I probably do need one.

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