The Low Cal Option

Day 66

Oh, this feels good.  It is like having discipline or something – breaking 300.  Amusing how much it means right now.

Keeping to a theme, sort of, the other thing Cindy sent was the cookie cutter I knew in my heart was out there…as I was trying to figure out what to do with a whole lot of green cookie dough.  I was certain I could have gotten one out of Tennessee, but there it was, in my box of goodies from Europe.  Amazing.  But how to utilize it in a new way in view that the dough was history already?


A different kind of adornment for the painting apron…

I had been giving some thought to needle felting a guitar – it is just much easier when you have a trainer.  I get the feeling that I will do this again – needle felting is easy and fast – two attributes I value highly in a project, but now as I think of it, two words that would have horrified my grandmother in combination…


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