You Were Wondering…

Day 67

…just what I did with the rest of that green cookie dough?  As tempting as it was to just slam it out there as regular cookies, I thought I would make at least a couple more guitars from it – there was quite a lot of it, when I got right down to it.  I’m just trying to space them out a little so you/I don’t have day after day of green guitars…I know it is Spring, but still…

66_365 Guitars


66A_365 Guitars


This one was fun because I got to dig out this extruder thing – I guess it is called a cookie press.  I have the tools, it doesn’t mean I use all of them.  As with most things, it was more involved than I expected, but the upshot of the experience is that I am likely to do this again.  The result was pleasing – though the process produced bruising on my hand that might be evidence of bad technique.  I will get better at this – probably sometime around Christmas…

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