The Last of the Green

Day 68

67_365 Guitars  I had intended to go ahead and move this down the line a bit – just to break up the monotony of green, but I decided instead to get it over with…get over it…move on.  And I’m not showing the finished product because in the baking it lost all detail.  As cookies go, it was huge, and the size was the overriding factor in the baked unit.  Well, that and taste.  It was still good.

So here I am on the International Day of Happiness – honestly, when does the UN have time for this? – looking forward to the next adventure in guitar-like objects with a great deal to work on – and, as you might imagine, to work off…

By the way, David, I am writing to the fascinating human sounds of “Roomful of Teeth” – I read about this project in Sounds Like Orange a few days ago (posted March 11) and ordered the album.  It is how I imagine it sounds to be blind, in a way – the range of sounds achieved by the voice are recognizable, yes, but astounding all at once.  It is kind of like not being able to see in a foreign bus station.  Melodic and discordant and comforting and frightening.  It sets all kinds of unconsidered senses on high alert.  Thank you, thank you!


  1. Well, my favorite one is on day 40 called Obvious but they are all terrific and yes full of Sunshine. I am waiting for rainbows and leprachauns, I am waiting for balloons and puddles. I am waiting for frogs, particularly frogs. It would be a croaking guitar.

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