Into the Garden

Day 69


A good start

69B_365 Guitars

Making it useful

I’m involved in a project that is a little bigger than one post, though I will keep it to a minimum, and must, perforce, space it out.  I had the mad notion that a guitar shaped planter would be nice.  Not quite on the scale of a guitar forest, granted, but it could be colorful, and another small patch of lawn that will not need mowed.  Although I think I will probably put it sort of at the base of the beech tree where nothing grows anyway, so one possible benefit is replaced immediately with another.  Anyway, turns out, rat wire is a whole lot more my thing than some other forms of fabrication…I’m nearly done sewing an 8″ wall on the guitar shaped base – with potting soil and a variety of seed ready when I can get it finally done.  Aside from small knicks and punctures, it is going well…into the garden by tomorrow.  Now all I have to do is to wait for the weather to really begin warming and for seeds to germinate.  I love that kind of waiting.  It is so hopeful.


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