Pick a Guitar…

Day 72

72_365 Guitars

Pick guitar

I bought myself a new tool the other day – a toy, some would say, but then, those people have no idea how easily I easily I amass useless plastic cards, and how easily I lose guitar picks.  This “Pick Punch” takes care of both of those problems all at once.  I am typically a more linear problem solver, so this ability to solve two seemingly divergent issues with one item is a novelty that instantly morphed into a guitar – and what better than guitar picks made from spent gift cards, useless membership cards to defunct businesses and the rest of the plastic surrounding the new cards I am issued?


  1. I must have looked a half dozen times before this made sense. I could have a guitar pick made out of credit cards or gallon milk containers? I’ll bet those do less damage to the vacuum cleaner (my guitar pick bloodhound).

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