A Late Gift of Snow

Day 73

I really thought that this was something that would have to wait – the 25th of March is usually well beyond the threat of snow, but there you have it.  I was out yesterday as soon as it was light, with snow swirling and blowing and threatening to turn to rain at any second.  But in that instant, the snow was perfect, rolling into fairly substantial snow balls very quickly,  It has been a long time since I got myself out the door to play in the snow like this, so it was good that I just had enough native sense to roll things down hill – the snow was that late season dangerous kind…there are broken limbs from the pine trees sort of all over the place this morning.  But in the moment, there was no thought of danger – it was wonderful to live in that moment for just what it was.

74a_365 Guitars

Honest to goodness romping

74_365 Guitars

Not an easy construction in the midst of the thundering herd

Anyway, one of the side effects of my dog sledding trip a few years back is that I can dress to spend a week out in that weather – if you are looking at camping on frozen lakes for a week, it behooves you to kit out properly.  But having done that, you have the clothes for an arctic expedition forever…and it comes in handy from time to time – like when you need to spend an hour or so building a snow guitar.  What was unanticipated was that with two puppies less than a year old, who, this curious winter, were experiencing their very first big snow – such a wonderful first life experience!  With mom playing outside too!  Joy and happiness, and leaping, and chasing, and jumping and rolling, and body slamming, and laughing, and building something!  It must be for playing!  It was hilarious.  Exactly the way playing in the snow should be.



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