These are a Few of My Favorite Things…

Day 75

As winter gives over to spring, certain codes go haywire in my system and I get an urge to throw things away – to sort through piles of debris and move them out of the house.  It is short lived, usually dying right around the time I find the very first thing that I set aside because I will be able to use it somewhere, or as in this case, when I stumble upon something I forgot I had.  I was emptying a notebook.  Not an especially space saving activity, perhaps, but one that needs to be done as time changes and the notebook is still much more viable than the contents.  I found this drawing that I did in oh, maybe 2006 – probably an assignment for school that was either of things that please me, or of an interior.  Regardless of the assignment, it is a close documentation of the things that make me balanced and happy – books, guitar, beasts, and a comfortable corner with a view.  A good end of winter drawing as the spring begins to draw me out of the house, and certainly away from those crazy housecleaning notions…

75_365 Guitars

The solace of small places


I forgot!  I forgot.  Thank goodness I can still edit – a few days ago, Robin sent me this… enough to get me outside, surely!


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