Spring on the Way!

Day 76

Thanks, yesterday, to the breathless friend who said “You are still doing that?”  While it was meant kindly, it is a reminder of how inconceivable it was only a couple of months ago to think that I could do anything at all repetitively.  When I was crafting one of a kind jewelry, I was the one that often enough groused that it was a pity that people have two ears, or couldn’t be satisfied with wearing one earring…

76_365 Guitars

Proper dressing for the arctic – warmth layer, dry layer – seemed a bit extreme to add socks and thermals…Wintergreen Lodge Dogsledding  www.dogsledding.com


Today, the setting moon is just past full and is reflecting in the stillness of the pond water as though that is the actual source of light, and the one in the sky is the reflection.  The sun is rising in splendor and the signs of spring are everywhere.  Flowers blooming, birds singing.  Story book stuff.  Serene.  Beautiful.  So the time has come to put away the snow clothes of Monday – back to the cedar closet where they can await the next winter expedition out the front door.  But not before…



And a lagniappe for today – this from my friend Rosemarie who is a part of that whole ‘nuther world that is miniatures…I could live here…



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