Hippity, Hoppity

Day 78

I am encouraged to edit and amend…with all of the new faces around the table, I need to remind those who cannot hop a plane in time for dinner that I do not forget and am also thinking of my friends and family in France, Spain, Finland, Japan, Korea, Ireland, Italy , Hong Kong, South Africa, England, Morocco, Egypt, and yes, Germany – (and welcoming Scotland  as well…)  Feel free to guess which one was worried…and it wasn’t those from the far land of New Jersey…
78_365 Guitars

Mostly chocolate

Today I am introducing a varied group of international students to some secular Easter traditions – welcoming spring with the promise of fecundity as symbolized by too many sweets and too much to eat.  So   much to lay on the shape of an egg toted around by a rabbit.  Mostly, though, this is a chance to make a big meal for young people who are varied and interesting and I get to clear my house of a lot of chocolate as after dinner I watch baskets disappear down the driveway back to the college where it is hoped their contents will spur creativity into the coming exam season.  I find, with college students from around the world, that chocolate is a common denominator to the point that I think the world pretty much runs on it.  So today we dine with Venezuela, Argentina, Morocco, Germany, China, and a few Americans … it’s all good.


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