I Am So Spoiled

Day 82

I have to go on record to say that I really, really hate packaging.  The waste and aggravation – my compulsive need to find ways to reuse the more clever representatives – the way it exposes my faults, and certain weaknesses in society.  OK, so let me explain.  I received on Easter some beautiful high end chocolates (diplomacy works both ways) that were packaged not only to represent in some way the holiday, but to travel long distances safely.  They were perfect.  But oh my word.  In order to arrive in my hand looking appetizing and gorgeous, they were protected by an elaborate tower of plastic that I am left with because I can’t bear to throw it away.  There must be a way to reuse that much ingenuity…of course there is.  I’m an artist.  Make a guitar.  Use the cups for paint.  Be creative.  Sure, but I have a room full of things like this, and I’m always presented with the dilemma.  Sometimes I think I’d rather get a few crushed chocolates than have to deal with the guilt of tossing (even in recycling) all of that.  Isn’t it really just a reminder of how spoiled and self indulgent I am – like I couldn’t HANDLE a crushed candy.

And while I’m at it – that anti-theft packaging in the warehouse stores?  I get it.  Pilferage is a huge problem.  But once it is paid for and they are checking my receipt, can’t that stuff just fall off, remain in the store and come back to haunt me the next time I shop?  I mean, the 10 round wrestling matches involving scissors and knives when I get home are exhausting – and I can’t find a way to reuse that….yet…

82_365 Guitars

Materials on hand

But then, yes, I am a dreamer.  I’m the same person who thinks that if you break down and buy something from an infomercial that you should magically never have to see that infomercial again.  Ever.

OK, enough already.  Back to being proud of myself for waiting four days to break into the package.


  1. Is your real name Pollyanna?

    It’s Switzerland, I think, where the garbage bags cost a LOT (to minimize waste) and the store has to handle the the disposal of the packaging (if you unwrap it there). There’s definite cons to that (I can be a Pollyanna, too), but still, wouldn’t that be cool?

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