Abstracting Spring

Day 83

The weather folks are promising sleet today, I think, so I am glad I went out to collect myself some of the glorious daffodils yesterday – sleet can be sort of hard of those delicacies.  I think I love daffodils because of their seeming fragility, their ephemeral blooms, and the way they come back year after year.  Regardless of the severity of the winter, the offspring of bulbs planted 80 years ago or longer are still coming back and blooming in location.  Even when the landscaping is changed and bulbs are inadvertently moved out to the bush pile, it just means that there are now daffodils along the edge of the woods, gracing the place where the birds and bunnies have a refuge.

83-365 GUITARS

Fragrant guitar


This late breaking extra…Joyce’s birthday cake for Paul…love it 🙂

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