Wrapped Tight

Day 84

I can still, however vaguely, remember a time when I could be innocently knocking about in my storage area for something I am sure is there, and not come across something entirely unrelated that I immediately thought of a potential guitar.  I think I can remember that 84b_365Guitarstime.  OK, maybe not.  But really, three boxes of plastic packing wrap from my I DID NOT MOVE TO MONTANA 10 years ago?  Why do I still have that stuff?  And where is the box of yellow wrap that was a part of the collection?  Seriously, who looks at 4″ stretch wrap and thinks this way?  And wouldn’t that person start with some kind of armature?  Apparently not.  So what you see here is four rolls of wrap formed into what is becoming a guitar.  What I have to say, though, is that it now weighs almost as much as my Maine Coon cat, and is getting as hard to handle as that same cat at bath time.  So I’m guessing, after I rest up a couple of days, and deal with any scratches, I will come back to this.  I have a notion that I can form it into a perfect guitar – though right now I could sort of pass it off as a Picasso Blue Guitar…I think…  By the way, it may not cry and sing, but so far, it makes a really interesting percussion instrument and probably a weapon…

84_365 Guitars

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