Words and Music

Day 86

86_365 Guitars

The talisman

Several years ago, a friend bought for me a necklace that is a simple thing, really, a Scrabble tile (K, 5 points) with guitars decoupaged onto the opposite side.  I wear it (some would say too often) when I’m composing – I write lyrics first and then set them to music mostly and this just seems to be the right thing – I am rarely careful about what I wear it with, but I noted that I had an actual color match the day I put out the last piece and perhaps that is how I can account for it.  I like this one, and will likely be more careful about choosing colors in future.  Listen if you like…https://soundcloud.com/userbp4063578/consequence-of-love

I need to get a better photo…


  1. A clearer photo would be cool, but this one is good as it is. It’s got a kind of hazy mystery to it. I like it!

    The song on soundcloud? It stopped my work day in it’s track as guitar, voice, and graphics (of SoundCloud) grabbed my attention. I don’t have the words/background/knowledge to adequately describe my reaction (it was positive), but I know that, if I had that kind of musical skill, I’d never listen to anything but the music I created myself. However that reads, it’s intended as a grand, honest compliment.

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