Playing in the Debris Field

Day 87

87_365 Guitars

There’s so much more from whence this came 🙂

I am working on getting some paintings ready to hang in a show which means finding the right hardware to make sure everything is properly wired.  This means that I must go to the drawer where I keep such things hopeful that I have sorted them into some kind of a container that will allow me to dump out small amounts rather than an entire drawer full of odds and ends.  As luck would have it, when everything was tossed out onto the table, a guitar was born, rising from the pile of mostly (in this case) useless metal objects…I mean, I have yet to put work in either a show or a gallery where they actually encourage you to use those toothed hangers…so why on earth do I have them by the fistful?  Another mystery of life for me to ponder, I guess…


Now, please note, if you have gotten here because this post was tagged something like “Pacific Ocean” or “Oregon” that these were the suggestions given me by Word Press.  I went with them because they are just wild enough to appeal to my sense of humor, so if you aren’t in the mood, I apologize…but I have to say that as someone raised in Washington State, I find it amusing to think that the connection between 365 Guitars and that place might be “debris field”…

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