Day 92

92_365 Guitars

The last hurrah

There actually comes a day when you have to admit that you cannot, not one more time, put a pair of jeans on your body.  Even your favorite jeans.  Even the ones that saw you through thick and thin, through triumph and tragedy.  Your “best” jeans that became your “good” jeans, then your “favorite” jeans, your “comfortable jeans” and finally the “paint” jeans.  Ok, if I’m being honest, there was probably paint on them from the time they were “best”, but that is beside the point.  There is paint on these jeans from when I painted the barn in 2003, for goodness sake.  But when the fabric finally just gives up, exhausted; when you have reached a point where even in the privacy of your own studio you cannot risk being that exposed…well, it is time.  Farewell, my friend.  Wait.  A pair of jeans.  Farewell my friends?

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