Slightly More Useful

Day 96

96_365 Guitars

Plastic…with paint cups…

I know, again with the packaging!  Granted, as an artist, I can find actual re-use for everything here, but still in rankles…probably more today than on other days because I’m riled up about some company that wants to put wind turbines off the coast of Normandy – off the landing beaches, no less.  Can they reduce the amount of energy required if they stop making the junk that I’m ultimately going to throw away?  Give me those crushed chocolates…I think they are tres chic…  I don’t care how green the energy is, there are some things in this world that should be left alone…and to stand on those beaches and hear the whoop! of turbines instead of the voices of D-Day would be wrong.  

I promise, I’ll get more cheerful again.  Really.  


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