Breaking Bud

Day 97

97A_365 Guitars

Oh, and shelter too

97_365 Guitars

Leaf casings

The European Beech, which is a fairly common tree where I am, is a source of many things.  Since the tree is older than my house, I’m pretty sure they held up a thumb and used it as a plumb reference, as the whole house seems to list in just the same way as the tree – but hey, it does look straight from here.  Just don’t put a square in a corner.  That would be wrong.

Since everything is that old, I also refer to the tree as colonial airconditioning – as I’m sure that huge head of leaves saves me thousands in keeping this house tolerable during the summer.  But there is a different price to pay, if you want to think of it that way.  In spring, leaf hulls coat the deck, the yard, your shoes, dogs that fall asleep and almost anything you will carry into the house.  In late summer, there are spiky little nut hulls and three corner nuts that make moving into your shoes for the winter a whole lot more attractive a notion.  In fall, that head of leaves?  Yeah.  In winter, the tree does a whole lot of very useful self pruning that gives me kindling for almost every fire I build.  I’m beginning to think of the tree as a personal trainer.  I love the thing.  Today, it gave me a guitar.  I don’t think it is the only one.


  1. A self-pruning tree? Arbor Day vanity, maybe?

    I know roughly what those leaf casings are like having lived in the tree-filled parts of the country for a little while, but that much gathered into one place? Goodness!

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