Pretty Though Pink

Day 98

98a_365 GuitarsFall is not the only time the yard is in need of cleanup from scattered vegetal debris, but somehow in Spring, it is more about the pretty than the work.  Don’t get me wrong.  Fall is my favorite time of year, 98_365 Guitarsbut it does come with leaves by the truck load that can only be waded through for so long.  The fallen blossoms of Spring, though, ah.  I see them as ephemeral, as lighter than air, and in most cases are blown away by those kite flying breezes. 

Maybe not so much with the magnolia x soulangiana.  The large blooms of the plant fall rather heavily to the ground, carpeting the bed with a lovely pink.  It may be a bit of a theme here for the weekend, but it also makes a fine guitar.

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