A Milestone of Sorts

Day 100

Going into triple digits here, and I really thought that I would plan something very, very special for today’s post.  What I have learned about this project to date is that planning is rarely a part of it – preparedness is not a virtue.  Whew.  What that has done for me is to force me to open my eyes to opportunity, and to jump on it as soon as possible.

100_365 Guitars

Frost guitar

100a_365 Guitars

Here comes the sun

This morning’s entry is a prime example.  When I looked out this morning and saw frost on the grass, sparkling in the rising sun, my first thought was that it was beautiful, then I wondered how the tender plants made out over night, then I thought – and the sun hasn’t touched the front yard yet, and there is frost out there!  Thank goodness my neighbors are not really nearby – of course, over the years they have come to just sort of accept that I’m a little bat-flap crazy, but this drawing a guitar in the frost dressed only in a flannel nightshirt and a pair of Uggs, holding a cell phone – sounds like evidence in my commitment hearing…  “But, your Honor, the sun was coming up and I only had a couple of minutes to act…”  Yes.  Hmmm.

Once again, if you have gotten here through the Word Press tags…welcome.  I had to go with them this morning, though I am really puzzled by the Little Bear connection.  It gives me something to mull over with my coffee…

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