Maybe You Had To Be There

Day 101

101_365 GuitarsI like to try to find guitars in everyday things – and in the wildly unusual as well.  I’m not sure quite how to classify, under those definitions, the act of cleaning out the interior of my car as relates to finding a guitar…somewhere between “yay, so what?” and “wow! Did your gas mileage improve?”  OK, there are times it looks like I live in my car.  But I live safely.  Perhaps it is hard to see – I couldn’t get good lighting so I fiddled with the photo, but this guitar represents only things found in my car – and readily at hand to boot.  So what started out as photographic evidence that there is in fact a bottom to the cup holders became a guitar made with the life hammer, and yes, a shaker.  One does not text with good music on the sound system and an egg shaker in hand.  Nor does one (I love to refer to myself as “one”) get as riled up about other drivers nearly as often.  It works out a lot of excess energy that really has no where to go behind the wheel.  It helps one focus.  So perhaps the photo is obscured…there are actual limits to what you can do without a proper software and camera…


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