Another Blue Guitar

Day 103

103a_365 Guitars

Branagh – a most trustworthy and loyal assistant

103_365 GuitarsI have had to accept that childhood was much harder than I remember.  It seems like every time I take on another “kid” medium that I find it much more involved than I anticipate.  However, it does give me a chance to laugh at myself, so it is not a bad thing.  But really.  My hat is off to children everywhere.  They would not have broken a sweat with a giant chalk yard guitar.  Which leads my idle mind to wondering if there isn’t a chalk guitar somewhere on a hillside in Britain…quick Alfred!  To the internet!  Nope.  All those horses, and the Cerne Giant with no music.  I’m sure there is one somewhere – they haven’t found it yet…

It is a beautiful, clear day today.  A great day for an update from Google  maps…at least it feels like you can see this from space.

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