Durable Goods

106_365 Guitars

It is a relatively well kept secret that I have training as an interior designer – but there are suppliers and manufacturers who still insist on sending me fabric samples – bless ’em.  One of the aspects of interior design that I love the very, very most, is the sense of being in front of home fashion – in the loop for the colors that will be pushed to popular in a given year, and for fabrics that will reflect those somewhat arbitrary choices.  It helps that I get to work with a client here and there – this limited interaction keeps me from getting too carried away, but also allows me to exercise my education and curiosity.

I like the opportunity to work on small projects both in commercial and residential settings, so it is that I get information from a broad spectrum of suppliers.  It gives me an opportunity to cross pollinate the two…sometimes a commercial product can be the very durable good needed in a household, and from time to time, a clearly residential touch can make a huge difference in a commercial space.  OK, that is the view from my perspective – and pollinating even further into a clearly different realm, I give you a durable fabric guitar.

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