Day 107

911249_10200650781983531_1494948954_nOK, I’ll open with the extra, which is making rounds on the internet – the very negative space cloud formation I have either been searching for all  my life, or have been seeing…not sure which by now.  God speed George Jones, and from the looks of this, it looks like you are wished the same by so many.  You represented a generation of musicians that were the ones who lived to see ‘country western‘ become some hybrid between Opry and rock and roll…and you made it work for you.  Godspeed indeed Possum, or No Show, or just George.

107_365 Guitars

Paeonia suffruticosa saxifragales

My entry, meanwhile, is more about spring again – the tree peony is in full bloom and those glorious, lightly scented poms were just too tempting.  The tree peony blooms at least a month before the others.  It is a kind of promise, and a promise answered – winter is finally over and there is so much more to come.  How can I not feel good about life?

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